#WriteFree365 – Day 365: Liberation

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(We’ve reached the end.  One year of writing every day of 2014.  I still don’t quite understand all the feelings I have, but I’m glad I did it.  I’m glad I stayed committed.  Day 365…)

I sacrifice every breath I breathe.  To make you believe, I’ll give my life away…

I just want to be free.
Prison is bigger than these bars
This is a work release program
Where freedom isn’t free
The price of my soul is well worth it.

Freedom is no longer viewing life as a sentence
Living extends well beyond ending punctuation
And I don’t need to place unnecessary commas
Life runs on
And who knows where it stops

So I write until I can’t
Take my life and create as many sentences as I can
Because I’ll die behind these bars
And I want enough evidence in my permanent record to justify giving my life to the pen.

Just because you’re not an inmate number doesn’t mean you’re free
And just because you see me shackled inside four walls doesn’t mean my life is no longer mine

#WriteFree365 – Day 348: Aquemini

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(This song has one of my favorite lines in rap, ever.  Day 348…)

Faith is what you make it.  That’s the hardest shit since MC Ren…

Some people look to the Christ when times are rough.
I’m not one to disparage another’s faith
But it doesn’t work for me
Forgive the bleakness of this outlook

I don’t need Jesus
Because even He didn’t know what to do when His burden sat across His shoulders.
In fact,
He died.
I don’t have the luxury of divinity resurrecting me from rock bottom
Giving up doesn’t have the safety net of being holy.

It’s tough to be strong when an exemplary example want sure how to be strong, either.
But I have no choice but to be…

#WriteFree365 – Day 271: Hey Ya!

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(Today is possibly the last Outkast show ever.  While I could not attend, their music inspired this entry.  Andre 3000 put gems in this record.  Day 269…)

Y’all don’t wanna hear me.  You just wanna dance…

While we’re getting our groove on
Stepping in rhythm to infatuation
The bass of our medley
Don’t let the truth get lost in the beat
Left on the dance floor
And we just boogie for the sake of boogie
Then blame our possible departure on that
Instead of simply saying
I’m too tired to dance anymore.

#WriteFree365 – Day 244: SpottieOttieDopalicous

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(We’ve reached another holiday.  Labor Day symbolizes the nearing end of summer.  Today’s entry doesn’t match the song, but fits the mood perfectly.  Day 244…)

SpottieOttieDopalicious has lyrics, but I just want you who’ve never heard it to let the music into your space.

A song can dance its way into your spirit
And her
They who never respond to your hi
Killing your morning buzz
Are drowned out by
“The jam”

Songs don’t get stuck in your head
They embed themselves in your heart
When finally sitting down isn’t enough to force that load off your chest.

Lyrics don’t matter
Your memory has enough space to make your heartbeat compatible to this record
The play button is medicine
Self prescribed by your spirit
To help you turn Monday into just another groove

#WriteFree365 – Day 140: Prototype

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(The Love Below is one of my favorite concept albums ever.  Andre Benjamin is a genius.  This is one of the marquee songs from that project.  Day 140…)

I hope that you’re the one.  If not, you are the prototype…

For every woman I played “Prototype” for
And then scrapped the project
I really did hope you were the one
I now offer the terrible consolation prize of being part of the mistakes I learned from
Now that I’m in love again.

When I pressed my fingers to the strings
My fret became music
Music meant for you
And you
And you
That remains true
Whether the first line of the song applies
Or the second.

#WriteFree365 Day 4: Vibrate

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(I scrambled a bit to write this because I almost forgot about it.  Lazy weekends are a very real obstacle. This took about seven minutes.)

Inspired by one of my favorite Outkast Andre 3000 records.

Touch yourself
Caress places you hope lovers will discover.
Open your legs and massage your heart from the inside.

When loneliness kisses the back of your neck
Use its advances to learn you need help.
There are tools you can use to reach your highest potential.
Do not shy away from your own body.
How else will others make love to you if you don’t know your own formula?

When lips converse below waist,
Drooling with anticipation and desire,
Chase those dreams.
Run those fantasies into real orgasm
Over and over and over
Build yourself up to apex
Until you’re willing to be entwined with another’s hand
And even then,
Remind yourself how well you get off.
There is no love like self love.
Before you have a love life,
You must make love to your life.