#WriteFree365 – Day 311: How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?

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(To me, this is one of Prince’s underrated singles.  Day 311…)

If what we had was real, how come you don’t call me anymore?…

My skin still vibrates whenever the thought of you travels across my brain waves
The signal for our connection
So these bars are full of free service
Many nighttime and weekend minutes spent hoping you’d dial
That I just roll over
Knowing you won’t use them.
The fee is costs to terminate our contact is so expensive
It breaks my heart
So just cut me off.

#WriteFree365 – Day 273: Baby, I’m A Star

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(Three-quarters of the way through this.  This year has flown by.  I don’t know if this challenge has anything to do with that.  Either way, it’s fourth quarter time.  Day 273…)

Hey! Check it all out! Baby, you know what it’s all about…

What you see
When seventy-one inches is the same as staring up at Everest
And the arduous climb to the summit places intimidation on your chest
Is nothing but me
Showing you
What happens when one decides to stand atop his obstacles

I’m not a mountain of a man.
Just a man with enough faith
To believe the base makes the size of hurdle daunting
But with one foot in front the other
The peak gets closer
And my head is much closer to the divinity
You feel when looking at me.

#WriteFree365 – Day 158: Thieves In The Temple

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(I had to write to Prince today.  Day 158…)

Love, come quick.  Love, come in a hurry….

Dusty and priceless
Have been under guard since the last War
When a neighboring country decided my land was theirs
Peace treaty meant nothing
There was destruction
In the name of this priceless artifact
My heart
Mayan jewel
Protected by those who predict doom

Who’d want to steal?
Why pilfer that which could the apocalypse?
Shit, it may come anyway
But the end of the world feels safer
If you’re there
Please hurry.

#WriteFree365 – Day 147: I Would Die 4 U

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(Inspiration is coming rather easily.  Some of these entries may be turned into polished poetry.  Prince is an amazing artist.  Day 147…)

No need to worry, no need to cry.  I’m your Messiah and you’re the reason why…

The first time you held my hand,
I’ve led you
And guided you through clear paths and tough terrain
Sunny sky and pouring rain
We kept going forward
With sometimes looking behind
Because that’s the only direction 2 can travel in this life

You’ve grown
Whether you believe it or not
Whether you believe I was there during that growth or not
Each conversation we’ve had
With each other
With others
Has aided in you becoming the man you are right now

There are times when you can’t comprehend what I mean to you
Well let me tell you in a way you’d understand.

Do you remember the night you cried?
You know the one
When you felt imprisoned by a list of laws
A Constitution that told you it wanted to give you life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
But gave you so much restriction
Your heart was under arrest?
You felt that you’d finally been broken
Resistance had finally become futile
Your very hand that held mine
Had been tied behind you
And you thought I had let go

You found life
Through some miracle
You found the will to write
And suddenly
You were able to reach for peace
And actually grasp it

That night
I sacrificed myself
I gave you my life because it was yours to have since we locked fingers the first time
That night
You shed more than tears
You understood that your fears are not stronger than your heart
And if you believe
Like I believe in you
You will be able to be revived.

#WriteFree365 Day 10: Insatiable

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(Two things: Prince is the first artist to have a second song to inspire writing. No real surprise there. However, I thought it would take longer for me to want to edit previous freewrites more than write new ones.  This is the result.)

Turn the lights off. Strike a candle…

I can’t get enough.
Every time you touch me
And I, you
Well, you feel the scratches
The imprint on the nape of your neck

Collars have little use when my hand is one size fits you.

I squeeze The Life into you
Eternity given to ensure you match my incessant desire for all that is sanctified.

We capture forever.
No worries about giving it all because my all is everlasting.
There’s no telling how far I’d go
Because when it comes to you,
I know.

#WriteFree365 Day 7: She’s Always In My Hair

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(I made it faithfully through one week.  I also thought it would take longer for inspiration to manifest in an uptempo song.  Day Seven…)

I only could find the live version, but I doubt anyone who loves this song is complaining.

When dandruff thoughts irritate my head,
She is melted coconut oil.
I use her to smooth wayward follicles
Parts of my scalp that itch.
She moisturizes my nervousness.

The cure for my typhoons is contained in a bottle of natural magnificence.
Wind and rain
Dirt and shame
Disturb my secluded island of paradise.
Every head needs help to clear itself of impurities.
And even when brushing and combing aren’t enough
She’s always there.