Vigilante Justice (The Batman Poem)

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I am not a crook.
I didn’t do it.
Whatever the hell it is.
You’ve given person of interest a suspicious connotation
Darling, we just met
Don’t put me at the scene of the crime just yet

I am not two-faced.
We have yet to make dent in anything substantial
Though, I speak in metaphors
Don’t mistake them for riddles you need to solve before your precious Gotham is robbed again

Your eyes are like cell blocks in Arkham.
You don’t realize the insanity in your focus.
Hiding your delusion behind makeup like a cowl
Disguising it in the daytime with a millionaire’s lifestyle
But to the rest of the civilians,
Trying to be near you is hopeless.

You built your foundation on so much darkness
You find solace there.
Darkness resides beneath superficial wealth.
But who saves those who needs to save themselves?

What do you do when you need help?
You don’t even have enough trust to employ a Robin.
Guess the last Dick gracing the underground cave between your hips was barely worthy of kicking it on the side.
And when he got sick of not being a full-time partner
He spread his wings and disappeared at night
You can relate, right?

There is no gadget on your utility belt
That isn’t crafted from your own insecurity.
You throw your pain at your adversaries like a Bat-a-rang
But it always returns to your hand
You drop accusations like smoke bombs
To see if I’ll cough and be distracted
Wishing you were gone.

But I am not the Joker
My smile isn’t hiding maniacal schemes
The chill in your spine is me warming what was freezing
My strength is not the bane of your existence
I am a good guy.
Not necessarily a hero
But not the villain you’re trying to make me become either, so.

Stop worrying about crime and
Put down the costume.
The city is safe
For now
Turn off the Batsignal.


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Eight weeks ago.

I tasted honey in the atmosphere.
There was this you.
A you so magnificent, I questioned if I deserved it.
You looked like the most beautiful lesson the Universe bestowed upon me
Forgive me for my assumption
But don’t you think it’s a little arrogant to believe I encountered a soulmate before I had your phone number?

I tucked those boasts someplace where love at first sight had to go look.
And stared at your contact picture as if you were a stranger.
I let my heart go on a search for your memory.
Leaving a trail of seasoned crumbs big enough to remember each morsel
And small enough that insecurity would starve trying to feed off them.

This space is reserved for the map it puts together.

Sometime Tomorrow.

I don’t have the words for perfect
Let time have its moment of glory.
We know destiny is flawless.



I crave you.
You haven’t removed my label from your climaxes.
I echoed my signature down your back
Shivers in your vertebrae never forget how to say my name
And when I speak yours, I taste you.
You drip onto my tongue like saliva in opened mouths

Hunger still hasn’t subsided
I don’t care about the psychology behind it
You’re on my mind enough
And I don’t want any thoughts hindering this lust
I just want…
Well I want you
Let’s save the specifics for places to be kissed.

Your body yearns to have me inside it
And our egos
They care less if we’re not done crying.
That doesn’t keep your vagina from being moisturized
For me
The man who thrusts earthquakes in your hips
The man who grasps your throat and amplifies the song in your soul.
The man whom you thought would keep you whole
But left the jewel in your chest broken.

Hold your legs open
Put down the pieces of your heart for a moment
I hope you numbered them
Because flailing limbs may knock them over
And after you’ve stopped bending over on hands and knees, you’ll have to pick your self off the floor again

No apologies will be licked onto skin
Neither of us are sorry for how we feel
We’re not trying to exchange forgiveness through our loins
I construct a monument in your memory
That needs to implode within your walls.
Let’s destroy our foundation together.
Wrap yourself around me and moan in ecstasy as our empire falls
This is the last time.
We said that last time.
Yet as our vows changed
Lust still remains
Lost is the love, never to be regained.
In these positions, where arousal keeps our hurt covered,
Whether it is you or I on top, neither of us are over each other.

Seek Ye First


She searches for validation.
Not from crowds
Just one.
Her deity on Earth.
She places her faith in His omnipotence
And when she sins against His Will,
She begs for Him to accept her repentance.

If she’s forgotten how to pray,
He has the rope to tie her hands
Head bowed
Not gazing upon His face unless He allows
Otherwise, receive His wrath.
She lays the troubles of her mind at the altar His lap.
Still, waiting on blessings to be given.
To be told she has been a good girl
Then, receiving reward for being obedient.

She orders her steps in the Word.
He demands His Bible be heard in the church she constructed in His name.
This gospel should reverberate in her temple’s walls
So all can see who she worships and praises

Her mind is in depeche mode
Yet He is only her authority because she chose Him as her own, personal Jesus.
Someone to hear her prayers,
And someone who cares.
Because she reaches out with trust,
She wants His touch to be there.

She yearns for approval.
“Job well done” makes life complete.
His “yes” is her salvation.
Worthy is He to whom she offers her belief.

Love The Way We Lie (Medicine)


“I’m sorry.”
“I’ll never do it again.”
My sincerity is secondary to her acceptance.
I may or may not mean it
But if she believes me,
Then it doesn’t matter if all I’m giving her is a pipe dream.

I pull immunity from her lips.
My fingers smell like her forgiveness.
She embraces my apology with open legs.
Wanting to be filled with love
She gets filled with hope instead.
In and out, up and down cries turn moans.
Orgasms numb the gashes in her soul.
Time heals all wounds
She needs my ointment to take hold.
And my stroke at midnight keeps her medicine on schedule.

I’ll make it better.
Where our relations have dried,
I will make it wetter.
That is the truth
It’s just not how she needs it applied
She doesnt care
At least, that’s what her body tells her
Her heart agrees, too.
She loves the way we lie.

Puzzle Pieces

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We were working on a puzzle.
The two of us coming together for a common goal
But the piece we each held in our hands didn’t bring closer to whole.
And for the time being, we were satisfied with being close enough.

We aren’t “broken up”
We’re individually still intact,
Though our pieces never fit exact.
Too much time spent jammed together because we loved the activity
Nearly ruined us for when we are able to finish it.
Like most people
We were so focused in our belief this would work,
We didn’t see the bigger picture

Let’s continue digging for our matches.
learning from the mistake, never forgetting the time were were connected.
I don’t regret that it happened because we didn’t end up damaged.
But I know that with a puzzle, the fit has to be perfect
No how matter how much we almost had it.

Oh, Dear

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Oh, dear.
This is where I get scared for you
When I decide that it’s unfair for you to be this near.
I would rather assume now
Than be manipulative later
So as selfish as this sounds,
I am doing you a favor.

I think.
Except, well,
You’re still here.
When I believe I’ve broken your resolve,
You become more persistent.
When I blow warnings on your heart,
It turns to brick.
I apologize for being so altruistic.
Trying to find balance after I have been so self-centered;
It’s difficult to get myself centered to see that you are precious, yet strong.

No one has lasted this long since…
I dropped the last gem I clutched.
So it’s I who is afraid that my grip isn’t strong enough.
How can I ask you to trust my heart
When I can’t trust my hands?

Of course, you understand.
You’re still here.

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