(Editor’s Note: Harlo Haven and I had so much chemistry making Part 1, that the idea overflowed into a second part.)

You start. You stop.
You know what you’ve got and what I need.
When you give it up,
It keeps from being free…

Sequence of sex slows time to a crawl
And allows erogenous dew to lay soft against the skin.
Take it all in.
Remember my eyes finding your smile in the dusk that alights thru a single window.

Here, it is only you and I.
A promise I gave you until the last day of my life.
So why is it you mistake a passionate serum for poison
And leave notes by the door
About how you can’t do this anymore?

Are you too weak to survive your mistakes?
Shall I liken you to a phantom who threatens and adores?
Will you allow me to make a meal of the vulnerability at your core?
Or will you stand with me and be my partner like any man would?
Stop trying to find the flaw in an imperfection
-laden bliss.
Love is for the faithful,
And we are better than this.

The hand is quicker than the eye
My hand feels the slickness dripping down your thighs.
You’re leaking
What I hope is the first sign of your love without condition.
That’s why I knock so hard when I’m inside:
I’m trying to tear down two sets of walls.

It’s tough to be the solution after being the cause.
My problem-solving methods are not as effective.
Yet, you convince me that all is corrected
But conceal the truth that we’re still flawed.

Kiss me.
Whisper another chant of how much we mean to each other
Using what we were as, “Abracadabra.”
But your lovely assistant, Hope, is a cadaver
You knew all along this was a front.
As long as I believed it was alive
You could do whatever you want.

An enchanting magician and card trick expert.
Playing hearts for fun.
But your illusion is ruined
Once I know how it’s done.