#WriteFree365 – Day 302: Stay With Me

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(By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the song.  I’m almost just as sure that you’ve never heard a man be that vulnerable.  Day 302…)

How am I so emotional?  I know that’s not a good look.  Gain some self-control…

I guess
This is where I’m supposed to “man up”
And revel in how my bed is a massage parlor
Schedule pleasure with someone I’ll remember on my skin
But not in name.

I guess I’m too pound my chest in bravado
But I can’t stop the thunderous beating on the inside
And I’m too scared
To strike mid heartbeat
Lest my heart stops
But that’s how I’m supposed to be as a man

I’m sorry I’m not the man I’m supposed to be
And that looking for love from a chocolate lover
Is like looking for God in a bite of Godiva
It shares the name
So it must be divine
We shared a bed
So it must be divine.

#WriteFree365 – Day 289: I’ve Told You Now

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(I’m beginning to forget some of the songs I’ve already written to.  Right when I started, I decided not to repeat a song, only songs with the same titles, if applicable.  I’m also beginning to forget which songs I haven’t written to that I often play.  Day 289…)

But what the hell?  Why do you think I come around here on my free will, wasting all my precious time?

You have a smile like a song caught halfway through
I love it
But when I tell others
I can’t quite put the words together
I mumble.
Something, something
You know how it goes
Until that part comes on

I constantly ask you to repeat yourself
To memorize the lyrics in your cheeks
Huh means I’m gathering even more focus on the quarter notes
Looking for places to rest
To catch my breath
Lost somewhere near the hook in your top lip
Parting your mouth breaks the chorus line
Your bottom lip is full of adlibs
Lead singer with impromptu solos
But it gives the group much added flavor.

I promise
If you let me listen to you
I’ll harmonize
I hum along to its melody in my chest
I may not know it from beginning to end
But I will
By heart

#WriteFree365 – Day 166: Safe With Me

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(Happy Father’s Day.  Again, inspiration decided not to write about this special day.  Sam Smith chose another door for me to walk through.  Day 166…)

If you ever need me
Just tell me and I’ll be there
Cause I was built for you
Yes I was built to carry all your feelings

Turn your hand
Three times to the left
Two you the right
And back to the left
To discover where your most precious thoughts are kept

Every solid gold desire
That which you deem too valuable to leave in the open
And too heavy to carry with you
Are stored behind my ribs

This isn’t Knox
Everything here is yours
Without being used as debt payment to some other country
You know the coded knocks
Proper button presses
And the right words to say
To open

My heart.

#WriteFree365 – Day 162: Nirvana

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I didn’t feel like writing today.  I severely wanted to skip the exercise.  I don’t know why.  Maybe the process dulled a little.  But, commitment is commitment.  Day 162…)

Oh, you take me to nirvana.  I don’t think this will last, but you’re here in my arms…

Hurt people
Try to love as hard as those pain free
But their fulfilment of the rest of that adage
Is as inevitable as tomorrow

I’ve caused so many wounds
Left a trail of singed hearts
And bruised hope until the imprint of my kiss blackened skin
It doesn’t hurt them anymore
But seeing it can’t feel good, either

I meant every apology
Yet nothing could break me from such an infectious destiny
With divinity in your belly
Absorbed the fire from my lips with the peace in your cheeks
And with you
I know that hurt people can love people
Without hurting them
Or myself