#DidYouWriteToday? – 383: In Gaia’s Room

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(I’m still writing daily.  I’m just no longer posting daily.  This is today’s individual idea…)

We made the room warm
Without touching
Just her divinity revealed with the release of the tie that bound her hair
And mine exposed like the dreamcatcher necklace pulled from under my collar.

We confessed our deification to each other.
So conditioned to be wary of naive mortals
That we didn’t instantly recognize another
Yet we did
When we locked eyes
Secret identities disclosed within the privacy of our Universe.

After being cautious of the fear we instill in human
We were just beings together
She inhaled the night
I wore North at the end of my necklace
My charm would catch my dreams
And guide Gaia to me like my heart is her home

#WriteFree365 – Day 363: Between the Sheets

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Classic.  Day 363…)

I like the way you receive me.  Girl! I love the way you relieve me…

My hands
Her everything
She becomes the sands of time slipping through my fingers

I knead her
Massaging from inside and out
With her frame trying to hold me
Bites and kisses on her skin
Creating outside her margins
My handwriting is everywhere
From her upper lip to her lower lips
Excess doodles and unique signatures outline our bodies of work
The rhythms and rests we compose
Conductor and orchestra
And the audience gets to see it all.

#WriteFree365 – Day 350: Dive Deep

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(Three hundred fifty days.  I have very little to say.  Day 350…)

Only Heaven knows about this treasure.  Love you like rain in the desert…

The most vital treasures are below the surface
I feel the shift in your world.
Beneath the ocean
Continents move
There is where lost cities are held

Strong lungs are necessary
To survive the pressure
I relieve it
A little
Or a lot
At a time
The fire that burns while surrounded by water
Lets me know your volcanic island is not for any inhabitant

But I’m not any inhabitant
I’m not lost on your shores
I can cause your small piece of land to erupt into paradise

#WriteFree365 – Day 340: Voyeur’s Gaze

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(There are 25 days left in the year.  Day 340…)

I can take it off, if you’re looking at me.  I can keep going if you like what you see…

I see sex.
The art of procreation
Looking into open windows to watch something so lovely
Why does seeing you undress make me reach out?
A tower extends to intensify the signals emitted
And to make sure the message is received

Self love is beautiful to observe
The care with which every curve is caressed
How the understanding of self arouses you
And me
Every blink is a reminder of how even the prettiest frames need to withdraw behind curtains
To preserve the moments they’re open

#WriteFree365 – Day 320: Moonlight Chemistry

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(Did I mention that I love the cold? Day 320…)

Left arm’s wrapped around ya, reflections in the mirror…

Wintry nights
Mean “all night” lasts longer tonight
We have more darkness to illuminate
Tis the season for lengthy sessions

There’s enough cover for you to be more comfortable naked
There’s enough starlight to admire the way stars outline your body like a constellation
The scope extends to better see you

Your arms open like journal
Begging for another entry
Another exchange of secrets
Another idea left in and on you
With you
Ink just seems to flow effortlessly.

#WriteFree365 – Day 309: Softest Lips

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(I had a mentally and physically draining day.  I’m not asking for sympathy.  I’m just journaling as much as I can during this challenge.  Day 309…)

I just kissed the softest lips that God has ever made…

The antithesis of the difficult portions of life
Rest within your kiss
You make the argument that it’s not so bad
So easy to defend
Once you kiss me.
Who knew the matter fact consists of is so blissfully tender?

#WriteFree365 – Day 289: I’ve Told You Now

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(I’m beginning to forget some of the songs I’ve already written to.  Right when I started, I decided not to repeat a song, only songs with the same titles, if applicable.  I’m also beginning to forget which songs I haven’t written to that I often play.  Day 289…)

But what the hell?  Why do you think I come around here on my free will, wasting all my precious time?

You have a smile like a song caught halfway through
I love it
But when I tell others
I can’t quite put the words together
I mumble.
Something, something
You know how it goes
Until that part comes on

I constantly ask you to repeat yourself
To memorize the lyrics in your cheeks
Huh means I’m gathering even more focus on the quarter notes
Looking for places to rest
To catch my breath
Lost somewhere near the hook in your top lip
Parting your mouth breaks the chorus line
Your bottom lip is full of adlibs
Lead singer with impromptu solos
But it gives the group much added flavor.

I promise
If you let me listen to you
I’ll harmonize
I hum along to its melody in my chest
I may not know it from beginning to end
But I will
By heart

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