#WriteFree365 – Day 288: Sex

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(If you are familiar with me and my writing…I’ll leave it at that.  Day 288…)

I like it.  I love it.  I want it all the time.

I dig deep
Never the same stroke twice
Every position is memorable
Enough to fantasize about that time I spread legs in December
Over the couch
Repeat the first sentence

The best sessions lead to thunder
The rumble of orgasm growing louder the closer precipitation comes
Nothing beats getting caught in the rain
So lovely
Neither of us are concerned about stains

Always enough time between turning her over
Long enough to enjoy it
Quick enough to get everything in
Creative enough for many entendres
How can someone so open be such a perfect fit?
Deeper I go
It feels I’ll break through
But even when I hit the bottom
I always rise again
Drilling that’s filling
Rediscovering what I thoroughly search
That’s mine
She always says it.

#WriteFree365 – Day 265: Whoknows

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(This song…Is not as romantic as Musiq would want you to believe.  Honestly, it was difficult to write to it.  Day 265…)

Who knows what may happen if we act on our attraction and lose ourselves inside a world made for us and no one else?

This isn’t love
To say that we are making it
Is more of a guess than we tend to believe
It certainly isn’t impossible to create something so divine
From something so divine
But to say, for sure,
Is taking ownership of your heart
And I don’t know it that well
You may not want me anywhere near it

But your body
And mine
We’ve decided to bare to each other
Like secrets told to those we love
And maybe
I love you is somewhere on my lips
But I’d rather look for it
After I’ve bitten I want you into your neck
If it gets lost
We can choose to find it
If it’s that important to us in the morning.

#WriteFree365 – Day 263: Personal Jesus

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(If you’re familiar with Depeche Mode, you’ll understand why this poem is the way it is.  If you’re not, well… Day 263…)

Your own, personal Jesus.  Someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares…

How have you been, my little sinner?
It seems you need to reach a holy place
But all your divine begging
Must be done to me
And I’ll make sure your requests are heard
According to your needs
Needs that you know I know better than you.

Kneel in faith
Put trust in the title you address me as
And know that salvation is yours
Through me

#WriteFree365 – Day 256: Head Like A Hole

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(Nothing to say. Flipped a twenty-five year old song. Day 256…)

Bow down before the one you serve.  You’re gonna get what you deserve…

You gather so much information from me
Proving that learning is a lifelong hobby
Those who can’t
Teach those who can
To do it the way I like.

There’s a proper way to study
To ingest facts and opinions sourced from my brain to
Your brain
Knowledge is power
The library of my history stretches far down the halls in your mouth
That the pages of my family tree are at the end of your throat.

Sapiosexual turned bibliophile.
My work cited on your tongue
And you received lesson dictated

#WriteFree365 – Day 218: Sex With My Ex

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(I’ve seen this scenario a lot.  I’ve lived it, though not currently.  But this is the door that opened.  Day 218…)

I memorize your special code.  I can get in any time I want…

This is the diamond
Underneath a pile of coal
And you
Your words
My pride
Make up the soot that covers our faces
My fingerprints show up better on your legs

We can’t put egos aside
Because we feed each other’s
With spoonfuls of suspended logic
It’s easy for us to make love
The irrationality of continuing to join at the hip
Can’t be solved with a “breakup”
That wasn’t the problem
And you know what they say about things that aren’t broken
It’s not like we’re repairing our relationship or anything

With your ankles by your ears
I’m not worried about if you’re listening
A fistful of hair
Is easier to pull
Than whatever it is that bothered you.
You are more comfortable swallowing my thoughts
When they aren’t a result of what you said
Even though your lips
Cause those, too.

We are eclipse
Near each other to be an amazing display
But if we happened every day
There would be impending doom.

#WriteFree365 – Day 217: Stitched Up

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(The door doesn’t match the song, but I walked through it anyway.  Day 217…)

Exactly how you hear it is exactly how it all went down…

We’ve been ripped apart
Like the hem of that dress I ripped apart that September night
And I miss you like fabric hairs reaching for their soulmates
Across your thigh

The sewing table is comfortable.
Kisses unravel spools of desire
My hands press mounds of your flesh together
There’s no difficulty putting thread through eye
You open
And I fill
No thimble
Or other forms of protection
Just rough embroidery
Of my name between your seams
To patch us up…

#WriteFree365 – Day 208: Looking Down

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(This song has nothing to do with the subject of the poem, but that’s not how this works.  I use whatever I am given.  Day 208…)

Many miles between me and you…

I can see the world in her eyes
She sees Heaven in mine
A place where spirit can be free
She’s praying to me
A man
Who understands salvation.
Hers is just like Our Father’s
She is saved by grace
Through faith
That she will leave her earthly body
And journey to Zion in my name.

It’s intriguing
She understands that her requests are just that
And she is the one with obligations to serve
Yet she begs
It is begging
On her knees
Staring at my face because I allowed her to
Hoping that blessings come sooner than later
Despite always being on time

Earth is a demanding planet
And I’m glad I gave her

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