#WriteFree365 – Day 363: Between the Sheets

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Classic.  Day 363…)

I like the way you receive me.  Girl! I love the way you relieve me…

My hands
Her everything
She becomes the sands of time slipping through my fingers

I knead her
Massaging from inside and out
With her frame trying to hold me
Bites and kisses on her skin
Creating outside her margins
My handwriting is everywhere
From her upper lip to her lower lips
Excess doodles and unique signatures outline our bodies of work
The rhythms and rests we compose
Conductor and orchestra
And the audience gets to see it all.

#WriteFree365 – Day 322: Calls

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(Short, yet simple.)

You always answer my call. When I call, you come…

Feeling my voice in your ear
Then commands after the opening
Mouths make sounds
Your nervous system plays Telephone
Once my message reaches your lips
They speak what you think you hear
What you want to hear.

#WriteFree365 – Day 302: Stay With Me

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(By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the song.  I’m almost just as sure that you’ve never heard a man be that vulnerable.  Day 302…)

How am I so emotional?  I know that’s not a good look.  Gain some self-control…

I guess
This is where I’m supposed to “man up”
And revel in how my bed is a massage parlor
Schedule pleasure with someone I’ll remember on my skin
But not in name.

I guess I’m too pound my chest in bravado
But I can’t stop the thunderous beating on the inside
And I’m too scared
To strike mid heartbeat
Lest my heart stops
But that’s how I’m supposed to be as a man

I’m sorry I’m not the man I’m supposed to be
And that looking for love from a chocolate lover
Is like looking for God in a bite of Godiva
It shares the name
So it must be divine
We shared a bed
So it must be divine.

#WriteFree365 – Day 292: Three Letter Word

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(Yup. Day 292…)

It seems that I can’t get enough…

I’m sick of being called a fiend.
Addictive, it is, yes
But nothing is harmful about the desire to practice procreation.
If it were
Then my visible effects from thinking about it
Wouldn’t be met with the desire to take everything I have.

Penetration feels like nothing
Other than penetration
The beauty in trying to compare it
Is the fantasies that play and replay
Until I’m throbbing with need for sequels
When willing flesh is parted by my most sacred extension of self
Arousal is mutual
There’s nothing more pleasurable than giving pleasure
Turning what is wanted into what the body needed
Stroking and touching another
Until climax
And another memory created.

#WriteFree365 – Day 290: Rose-Colored Interlude

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(This “Pink Syrup” album by The Tay has very little words, but the idea behind it is very prominent.  This is the one minute interlude on it.  Day 290…)

It’s going to make you cry.  It’s going to make you drunk.  It’s going to make you smile.  It’s going to make you cum…

My thoughts of you
Were pure like freshly washed whites
Your legs decided to welcome me
Pink beautifully stains my mind
And the deeper I go
The more of you I get on me
Turns them from just thoughts
To desires
Something in the hue of love

Bites and scratches along my ribs
Prelude to the thorn in my side you will be
If I stay here any longer
If your kiss lingers any longer
With my nose near your petals
I cannot see past the bloomed flower
Begging for me to inhale its scent

#WriteFree365 – Day 268: The Party & The After Party

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(The Weeknd may sound like a dying zebra when he sings, but there’s no denying some of his lyrics.  Day 268…)

We can play all night.  It just takes one night to let me fucking prove this feeling I would give to you…

The distinct sound of pointed heels down an empty hallway
I never knew angels without wings could still levitate

Your walk
Makes me wonder how far you bend for the god in me?
If your legs can dangle and keep their grip.
If I grip here
Do you moan louder than when I grip

I bet you look radiant covered in white
Your smile tells your favorite color

The look in your eyes suggests
You’ve thought of how I look with your chin raised
If I can make you feel closer to me the farther your face is from mine?
Can you trap my soul between your legs?
Can I grab yours through your throat?
If I could teach you to fly with your back against the wall?
Are you able to withstand earthquakes
And keep your bridge in tact
When my hand changes its shape?
Questions that would be lovely if answered
But will never be answered
I’m not denying the idea of attraction.
I’m not denying the idea of curiosity.
But peace is more important than selfishness forever
And forever is where you’ll remain
If covered in Never Will.

#WriteFree365 – Day 239: The Panties

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(There isn’t much to say about this song.  It’s awesome, and I finally wrote to it Day 239…)

I got so much that I want to do, but I can show you better than I can say.  Let me show you…

I understand that you cover your comfort carefully
With woven inhibitions
But if you’d step out of them
After I’ve pulled them to your feet
You’ll see my skin as your fabric
Will more than suffice.

I want to kiss
Put my lips to fertile soil
To show appreciation for earth granting me privilege to plow
Shovel discovers treasure buried
Beneath layers of apprehension
I carve a place for seeds to be planted
Inside you
Feels like the Garden of Eden before sin
Something God created
Perfectly made for an original man.
Remove the angel print in white protecting your gates
And let’s rewrite Genesis
Where knowing we’re naked is knowledge
For the holiness in us.

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