#WriteFree365 – Day 82: As

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(The song needs no introduction. Day 82.)

And I’ve got to say, always…

There are moments where the words needed aren’t forged from your chest
Yet they ring from your soul just as true.
Plucked from song like tulip petals
The correct note vibrating in harmony with the rhythm of hearts
Swaying to the cadence of lyrics.

Every moment with you is a moment like this.

#WriteFree365 – Day 61: Superwoman/Where Were You When I Needed You

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(Stevie.  YouTube didn’t have both songs on the same track lie they are on the Musiquarium album, so there are two links, in case you’ve never heard them out need reference.  Day 61…)

And I think I can deal with everything going through your head..
Where were you when I needed you last winter?

Her determination is admirable.
The way she manages to fly so gracefully
With all her hindrances flowing behind her like a cape
Just waiting to get caught on something and drag her down.

Batman has Alfred
Superman has Lois Lane
Spider-Man has Mary Jane Watson
People only blessed with the ability to care
Her vulnerability around me
Showing me everything under her mask
Should keep her from being too reckless
But I guess the power of love can’t save everyone.
And to her
I’m just someone villains use to hurt her.
My hugs are her Kryptonite.
Fragments of her past life that
If I hold too long
Would kill her.

Maybe she needs to move away
To another Metropolis
Because this city doesn’t need rescue.
And until she creates a signal asking for help
She’ll just fly aimlessly
Listening for sounds of distress.

Mine must not have been loud enough
The light in the sky must have been green
Because she avoided it
I’m not Krypton.
I am the Sun
The winter doesn’t keep me from shining for you
Maybe by relocating
You’ll feel the temperature of distance
But remember
Seasons change no matter where you are.
I’ll see you when the weather warms.

#WriteFree365 – Day 34: These Three Words

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(There’s nothing much to say in this post of the post today.  The freewrite speaks for itself.  Day 34…)

Stevie, man.

I thought about not speaking to you for awhile.
Spending extra moments in silence
Just to see if we could
If what was between us could be expressed without verbal communication.

I refuse.

To never be able to say anything to you when I want to say it
Separates hearts grown Siamese.
I wouldn’t dare risk that for some test operation.

You give the words their luster
Speaking them to you shows the value of the treasure I see inside you
The bevy of bullion entrusted to me.
Looking at you is amazing
But not conveying what I behold vocally
Even for a day
Is death.

Words so simple
But shatter frozen spirits like hammer.
This sentence makes the sentence of life much more malleable
I could stare them into your eyes
Massage them into your skin
But nothing beats saying them to you for the universe to hear.

I love you.

Freewrite (Listening to Stevie at Work)

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(Editor’s Note: I decided to jam out to Mr. Wonder’s grooves. It inspired me to write. Timed myself for five minutes and didn’t change a thing. This is the result.)

I plucked a feather from my guardian angel
Dipped it in the jar of my chest
And wrote…
Reusing that bottomless well
Where dreams still shout for rescue
Since pain cut the rope
And forced them to cry tears in a bucket full with the rest of them.

Wishes are not granted here.
The walls talking are only mocking what I say.
Still, I reach into rippled reflections
Hoping the form I see comes to life from the water.
I will extend my hand until I grasp nothing but air.