#WriteFree365 – Day 345: Maybe She’ll Dream of Me

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(The Foreign Exchange have a unique groove to their music that just makes one feel good.  Day 345…)

So every night I pray that when she goes to sleep, and she dreams of a love, maybe she’ll dream of me…

I think I’ve done enough
Sat on her brain long enough
To leave my imprint
Somewhere below her conscience

I’m not telling her to love me
I’m hoping that her dreams offer me as a candidate
To take residence in her heart
She already has her belongings on the doorstep of mine

Day or night
Her energy resonates whenever love invades my thoughts
The most gentle burglar ever
Entering without breaking anything
I want to return the favor
I hope she left the door open for me

#WriteFree365 – Day 213: All Roads

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(Day 213.)

There’s not a bridge to burn.  There’s nothing left to learn.  Don’t matter where you turn…

My world is so big,
That I can’t see its curves
Every path away from me looks the same
Like an exit to new scenery
I guess your talent for hiding the truth

I’d rather be lost
With nowhere to go
Instead of knowing
You wait on the other side of the planet

#WriteFree365 – Day 88: House of Cards (FE+)

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(You’ll probably see this song title again, though by a different artist.  Today, I chose to use The Foreign Exchange’s solemn track.  Day 88…)

Gonna be such a long way down when you fall…

You took a pile of luck
And gave it stability.
A mansion of fortune
Built on the wobbly foundation of tomorrow
Each day
Another blind draw.

You climb to the roof
Proud of your construction
It’s sturdy enough to support your burdens
You don’t need a step
To fall.