#WriteFree365 – Day 364: Star/Pointro

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(Nearing the end.  Day 364…)

When that adrenaline get in their system, it get em out on a quest for stardom.  Could be a motherfucking problem…

How many times do I have to tell you
The shine in your soul is brighter than anything inside a glass counter
The miniature telescopes used to measure quality
Can’t place a value on something so precious
Praise your soul
Don’t try to get it appraised.

How do you think I’m able to see you
In a world where there’s so much darkness?
Your glow is so beautiful
Others look to you to find where home is

In even the heaviest times
You still are measured in light years
You’re not a falling star
Those are stones masquerading with the emulation of your illumination
Don’t compare your rarity to meteor showers
You shine every night.

#WriteFree365 – Day 361: Web

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(Whenever I perform, Black Thought is whose style I emulate.  Calm, yet commanding.  Not boisterous, but there is a presence.  Day 361…)

Until I touch the mic, y’all people ain’t seen danger yet…

I’m a superhero
One random day
I was bitten by a bug that forever enhanced my life

As clumsy as I am
And as smart as I think I am
Growing into this superhuman ability takes time
I’m still learning all I can do

But this fabric I weave
So intricate from simplicity
One line at a time
Allows me to traverse life
I don’t need to leap tall buildings
That dude is an alien
And I’d rather be closer to the people I’m trying to save.

Tingling senses that let me know someone is in danger
A line of mine travels and spreads to catch them from doom.
I don’t need thanks
This is a blessing
Just another day for your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man

#WriteFree365 – Day 341: Livin’ In A New World

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(Recent events speak for themselves.  Day 341…)

From the corners of the ceiling, feel it’s eyes in back of me.  I couldn’t tell you why I feel they constantly after me.  Maybe it’s because the news put it to me so graphically.  How niggas don’t obey no laws, no even gravity, boy?

We don’t know how much time we have left
They’ve taken the hands off the clock
And placed them around our necks
But at least we can see their faces more clearly

The second hand is red
It ticks to our pulse
So I hope we’re speeding towards air that’s fresh
And not hastening the arrival of our last breath

I guess rope is outdated
So they strangle us with something immeasurable
An infinite instrument of death in the hands of people who whitewashed  reaper robes
Burned our lifeless bodies
Feeding the ash into the hourglass
Laughing at how pile at the bottom

That beeping you hear in your chest is the alarm
Don’t suppress your heart for a few more moments of rest
The time for action is now.

#WriteFree365 – Day 316: The Seed 2.0

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(I wanted to listen to The Roots, so I did.  I can relate to the meaning behind this song.  Day 316…)

I don’t ask for much, but enough room to spread my wings.  And the world finna know my name…

I just want to make love
Practice procreation with select women
Because I can’t be inside just anyone’s legs
And make a physical manifestation
Not of the love I might have for my partners
But the love that lies somewhere beneath this selfishness
If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
Maybe the way his love comes out is through his loins

I want to leave a legacy
That is more a permanent idea than the current institution of love
A lineage is more important than whether or not I stay with the same woman for the rest of my life
Fatherhood over fidelity

That’s why my sex is so raw
So passionate
I’m trying to get her pregnant
Not to trap her into commitment
But to ensure we’ll have a beautiful, tangible result of the moments she let me inside
The moments she let me write
And write
And write
Until the process worked
We were both so fertile
And a concept was born
A product of us
Composed of the perfect hybrid of her arousal
My passion
Our chemistry
And our fertility

#WriteFree365 – Day 231: Now or Never

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(My soul… Day 231…)

I feel different today.  I don’t know what else to say…

I had three epiphanies this morning.
Something about the bathroom fosters thinking.

Oppressors do not lie to insult our intelligence
They do so to flaunt their autonomy
The law wears camouflage
Armed with assault weaponry
Bullets coated in rubber amendments
Reciting the first words of the Constitution in smoke signal
The Bill of Rights barricade an entire block of people
With their death certificates printed on the back of it

Neutral people are worse than these oppressors
The enemy known is better than the one hiding under the covers
Such learned behavior is dangerous
Claim neutrality like the Swiss if you want
But don’t be surprised when your people have holes in them
I’ll be waiting with open arms and an “I told you so.”

I cannot deny the mountains of angst and worry resting on my spirit
Layers of Himalayas as I watch a country attempt to eradicate those born in her womb
My soul is heavy
I waited for the final bale of lies to break vertebrae
I feel this gravity
This magnetic pull from within my stomach
Then I realized
That’s not depression
Not sorrow
That’s fire.
Years and years of having to corral this blaze centuries old has agitated it so much that the embers flicker in my eyes
I can’t call it rage.
My intellect is reinforced at the seams
But that mask
The foundation we apply every day to hide the beauty marks that inferno has left
Is cracking.

So as I sit in my bathtub
The time for pretending is over.

#WriteFree365 – Day 230: Dear God 2.0

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(My spirit is still strong, though I can feel weight pressing down on it.  Day 230…)

They said, “He’s busy.  Hold the line, please.”  Call me crazy.  I thought, maybe, He could mind read…

You know which letter this is
You know who it’s from.
You also know I have quite a few questions.
I don’t know where to start
So I’ll just start

I’ve prayed
I’m sure those across from me have done the same
Will my prayer be answered?
And if the answer is no
Is their Our Father more hallowed than mine?
Are their guns aimed at whom they pray for?
Are their bullets blessings cloaked in shell casing
That should they strike me in the chest
It’s because You know my heart?
Am I saying the wrong prayer?
If I die while awake
Have I assured my soul is Yours to take?
Am I in improper prayer position?
I’m on my knees
With my hands in the air
I don’t want to fold them
And have my brother under Your name
Mistake me for holding something that’ll bring our conversation to a screeching Amen.

Are they out of Lamb’s blood?
Does Your protection pass us over if we’re not behind our doorway?
Does the Angel of Death need that much help?
I didn’t know rosary beads came in hollow point
So I’m sending a Hail Mary
From deep in the pocket I’m scrambling out of
Because clearly, protection has broken down
Catch this one, please.
Don’t let so-called defenders knock it down.
And if You do
I guess it was their time to win…

#WriteFree365 – Day 90: Take It There

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(I hadn’t written to rap in awhile.  I figured I’d switch the energy for this entry.  Ninety days of writing…)

Some people would rather lose their life than lose freedom.

The people are stirring
The blood boils
That they’re willing to spill some on the ground if it means

A better day
Where freedom doesn’t need another martyr as a plea to turn apathy into acceptance
We are sick of asking for what is rightfully ours
Law that doesn’t enforce equality is disguised tyranny.
Democracy signed by an iron hand with jewels on it
People allegedly for the common man ignore similarities
Because differences determine the bottom line.
After all
The biggest symbol of liberty is green.

Are looking for ways to send a message
Since the receivers have us muted
And turned a blind eye to what we show them
The next step
Is to make them feel it.