#WriteFree365 – Day 327: War of The Sexes

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(This entry is one of those ideas that I feel I can’t elegantly put into words.  Day 327…)

The woman is a highly socially-practised
Master in body language, dab-handed actress
She’s calculating all the mad facts and the figures
While you’re pretending to listen staring at her tits

The eternal clash between x and y
Is a problem that will never be fully solved
Both sides
Defensive and offensive
Attempting to discover the nonexistent truth
That one gender is not better than the other

Godly beings
Trying to determine who’s closer to The Almighty
And who fell from divinity and rose as hellspawn.

We hate that which we don’t understand
Diminish it until curiosity turns into animosity.
The battle continues

#WriteFree365 – Day 301: Everything Is Borrowed

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(Rainy days. By now, you knew what they do to my creative process.  Day 301…)

Just when I discover the meaning of life, they change it.  Just when I start loving life, it starts raining…

Nothing lasts forever
But nothing doesn’t have to be the end
Whatever lies at the end
After we fade to black.
The sand in the hourglass
Given by He Who Puts Us To Sleep
Has a return date only he knows
Shooing him away
Ignoring his calls
And knocks
But make him smile
With the grin of a man
That knows
He always leaves with something.

#WriteFree365 – Day 199: Puzzled By People

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(Spotify does it again.  This was found based on their recommendations.  The lyrics to this are…I encourage you to listen.  Day 199…)

Sometimes, you have to find out for yourself.  Sometimes, you need to be told.  Sometimes, you never find the answer…

I’ve spent hours touching you
Unscrambling your flesh to see the carefully colored finished product
Your soul
Is time consuming.
Frustrating and fun.
Even when I laid your cover flat
I could see the picture

But this is about the journey
From pile of nothing
A collection of fractured love
But a jigsaw doesn’t require missing pieces
Everything it needs to be solved resides in its container
Search yourself to compete yourself.

The words are blank
Time is currency earned
Constant focus on a solution
Love letters bringing me closer to you
Revolution after revolution
Spending time believing I owed you vows
But after while
Guessing stopped being fun.

So those letters
Became words that didn’t fit you
Clues that didn’t make sense
Stuck in a cross
Take too long
And I never figure you out
Move hastily
And you suffer the fate of every puzzle with a mistake
You believe you’re worthless.