#WriteFree365 – Day 245: It’s A Man’s Man’s World

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(I feel asleep after work, and my conscious wouldn’t let me stay there.  It feared me missing today’s entry by sleeping away the time.  It remembers those days, and doesn’t want to go back.  Anyway, this is nowhere close to poetic, but it’s just as important.  Day 245…)

This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl…

  Men should protect women
Well dressed metaphors and analogies
Don’t seem to work well with the more literal gender
Just as women’s clothes don’t seem to matter
To some who view them as toys
Toys for boys
Who don’t know how to keep their hands to themselves
And refuse to accept the responsibility that comes with being
A man..

What she’s wearing
Does not void her rights as a person
Do not blame her
For what “she should have done”
When what happened would never occur
If a man was a better man.

Of everything given to us to protect
The most valuable creation
Is still seen as worthless
If this is our planet, fellas,
We have the power to better women’s places in it.

#WriteFree365 – Day 126: Super Freak

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(I don’t like the constant attacks on women. I also don’t like how most of the world views sex through judgmental lenses.  This entry is fueled by both ideas.  Day 126…)

She’s alright. She’s alright! That girl’s alright with me…

We give words connotations that loudly fit with actual definitions.
It seems from not understanding each other.

Everyone’s individual boundaries are different.
Normal is relative to preference and habit.
What is outlandish to you is every Thursday night to another.

Women catch a lot of the flack associated with sexual freedom
Just because the oldest profession is proposition doesn’t mean the women you see all aspire for that career goal.

Sex isn’t something to be mocked
There is no correct amount that is good enough.
Leave your gavel in your pants and allow people to live how they choose to live if it isn’t directly affecting you


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Have a conversation with her
And then try to tell me the deity you serve is not a woman.
Monotheism wrapped in feminity
She pulls prayers from lips
Hallowed be thy waist
Ay, men seek her understanding.
Such royalty and grace
That loyalty is embraced by her subjects
They carry out her will across the empire of the page.

She is divine inspiration to testaments new and old.
Truth be told, she’s the Goddess of dope.
She is the Hera in heroine,
However you spell it.
You will crave for her to save you
Then be addicted to her rescue
Asking her to protect you from the needle you choose to hold.

Aim for the vein.
Shoot her serum from the pen into your bloodstream and hallucinate from her visions.
Shiver from your fixation on her sentences.
Become so obsessed with the contents of her vials
That you invoke her name, begging for repentence.

So beautiful is she whom adjectives worship
Making devotees feel more connected to her words by the letter like cursive.
Whether her followers are junkies or zealots,
The belief is worth it.

She bestows blessings by the gram
Her creativity in the pot, mixed with grammar
Produces therapeutic anasthesia
From her hand and wrist to yours

See the aura of Isis in her irises.
Disciples build towers of Babel
Just to be closer to her in the sky.
It’s a bird
It’s a plane
It’s your mama
It’s your daddy.
It’s the heroin heroine that sits on high.

Cover Girl

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Pull it off the rack in the grocery store.
Let’s focus on the cover.
Before getting to the Table of Contents
It becomes obvious why this was next to the tabloids.

Aimed at women with inquiries wilder than alien theories,
The articles inside pique the interest of the unnassured.
Look at the titles that pop off the page that mask their hidden motives:
“One hundred ways to deflate self-esteem.”
“Twenty things you didn’t know could rob you of your pride if you let it.”
“Hey! You’re both too fat and too skinny” by writers who turn dejection into bonuses.
“Can your womanhood be stripped? Well lets find out!”
“Six tricks to fool you into pleasing an idea of a man we planted in your head.”

They take your heart, and you allow it to be sold.
Giving it to them once the register scans the barcode.
I don’t want to tell you what to do
And not all magazines shoot at your dignity.
Just don’t subscribe to read your own insecurity by the issue.

Just be you.
Stop focusing on that cover, girl.