Things I Didn’t Know I Loved 2

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(A continuation of a writing challenge Ms. Moore gave me.  Here is the original poem, and here is part one.)

I didn’t know I loved writing outside
Well, away from home.
My creativity accompanies me like a dog to the park
And we throw and fetch ideas like frisbees
The absence of comfort enables me to believe in postivity unseen.
But I am not alone nor helpless.
The ambiance of foreign stimuli gives me a sense of exploration.
Even when I know every time I write, I am exploring myself.
I have always loved discovery.

I didn’t know I loved formed poetry
Villanelles and the like.
I only wrote free verse because I thought my meaning would get lost without all the words.
But I realized that form makes my words prettier,
As if they take the form of the woman of my dreams.
I have always loved comparing poetry to women.

I didn’t know I loved places of worship.
Temples, mosques, and synagogues.
The reverence radiates from the walls.
They are constructed as if each brick is an offering on an altar.
Wanted forgiveness paints the stained-glass windows.
I have always loved recognizing emotion in the inanimate.

Though I love bringing art to life
And life to art.
I find it difficult to write about death.
The last time I did, the desire to write left me.
It gave me a moment to grieve.
If a poem about death is a tribute to life
Then that difficulty is inexcusable.

I didn’t know I loved discovering a new flaw
Until life bound me to do so.
My soul was sick of wallowing.
Wings do not belong in tar.
My soul, my spirit, is too polished to forfeit.
I love that I am able to affirm that resolution.

Campaign Trail

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In the back room
Working endless hours to develop a strategy
On how to win over the people.
This the dirty side of politics
Before forced smiles in front constituents.

I roll up my sleeves to get to the issues
That are important to voters
The heart of those matters.
Then I skim through the box of what they suggest,
Take what they expect and adjust it to help me win the debates
I edit major talking points to embellish the positive characteristics I possess.

The effort I put into half-truths and slogans is disgusting.
I go to great lengths to fool supporters into approval.
But I do not believe the most honest form of self is acceptable.
That is disgusting.

I dress up the fractured shell of self
Put on a tie perceived as power though it is the noose of my hidden truths
It hangs over my heart to strangle guilt
and keep it from showing in my speeches
I address the crowd to portray just how real I am
I hope they vote for me.

Things I Didn’t Know I Loved

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(Another writing challenge from Ms. Moore. This is what I came up with after a week of self-exploration. It isn’t complete, that’s for sure…)

Sitting on the couch, flipping through channels
I didn’t know I loved music videos for really bad songs
They’re like shiny wrappers for junk food.
I don’t like the substance underneath most wrappers to actually have the music in my collection.

I didn’t know I loved public transportation.
It’s like observing the universe under a microscope.
I get to see the details that get lost in glamour.
Truths unseen by distant observers
Secret admirers, they are
My love is no secret.
Not anymore.

I didn’t know I loved soft moans.
The ones she tries to keep inside her.
Stubborn affection.
There’s something beautiful about emotion overcoming will.
It is more genuine–more alluring.
I do not love forced approval.
The truth matters more than ego.

I didnt know I loved writing on my back.
Sitting and writing is very studious
But laying and writing allows for the gravity of creative thought to keep me pressured.
The art pressures me to succeed.
It turns unsure coal into precious gems.
I didn’t know I liked pressure
Well, pressure on my own accord.
No one enjoys weight they cannot control.
But when pressure is turned into an achievable expectation,
Any challenge is met with a warm heart.

I didn’t know I loved meditation
I knew I loved silence
But meditation is silence with purpose
And disciplined objective.
It is an attempt at stilling an untamed heart.
To be the master of my soul, yet still give it full freedom
I never knew I loved harnessing potential
Until I had to try.

All these things I didn’t know I loved
In addition to those I have yet to discover
Lead me to believe I do not know myself well enough.

Witch From The Moon

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(This prompt was presented by the talented B. Sharise Moore. It goes as follows:

Line 1: Think of a person. Write about their hands.
Line 2: Describe what they are doing with their hands.
Line 3: Write a metaphor about their hands.
Line 4: Ask the person a question.
Line 5: Answer the question as if you were that person, but they’ve only partly understood your question.

And finish in five minutes. Here goes.)

Educated fingers engaged in black magic.
Mixing potions for her ancient spell
Five magic wands per palm
Who are you trying to enchant?
The tide is already coming in.

(Almost) 25 to 15

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(I was given this writing challenge. I hope I did it justice.)

From then to the present.
Your heart is as if Midas gave it to you after he held it.
As stubborn as we are,
I still haven’t grasped some lessons.

You battle the same fears.
When opportunity knocks and you ask who it is
Doubt’s voice is sometimes all you hear.
You peer through the window instead of stepping out on faith
Though you think outside the box, we limit outer space.
I believe we are stars, but haven’t quite embraced my shine to light my path for years.

So I tried to distance myself from you.
From us.
As if it were a must to abandon my childhood to grow up.
You think we know everything
Some others do, too
And I ended up settling for awhile, believing that was true.

So we became nervous, yet impatient
Mad that you’re still waiting.
More upset that I have no one else to blame
But you.
We got anxious, thinking I am behind in your development.
Then, sick of sulking, I said, “to hell with it.”
Stopped focusing on maybe failing you and accepted that we’re destined to be successful.

And instead of just sticking to what we know,
I am curious to find out how far you can go.
We no longer see small fixes as unnecessary changes.
And you’re bold enough to embrace living up to expectations

We…you…I’m a lot stronger now.
Takes some getting used to because I’m also a lot smaller now.
You lost twenty…
A whole lot of pounds.
And as corny as this sounds,

I still haven’t figured you out
And that’s okay, really.
To you it may be silly
But the boy you are then
And the man I am now
Has no idea when or how we’ll meet the man we will be.

Maybe he’s putting the finishing touches on our letter to me.

Pantoum: Between The Sheets

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(I’m not sure about this one. It may become a different poem. I took lines from a song I like–“Between The Sheets”–and wrote a pantoum. That is today’s writing challenge…)

Words of passion between she and I
While making love between the sheets.
Shared in times when no one is near.
I feel her love surrouning me.

While making love between the sheets,
Souls are bared, yearning for understanding
I feel her love surrounding me
Inside her is where truth reigns.

My soul is bare, yearning for understanding.
I doubt if I am worthy of her gifts
But inside her is where truth reigns.
She chose me for a reason.

Though I doubt I am worthy of her gifts,
I boldly explore her body with humility.
She chose me for a reason.
Because of that, I aim to satisfy her.

Writing Challenge: Complement To A Classic

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(Today’s challenge is to take a poem I really like and write a response or complementary poem to it.  I chose “The Freedom of the Moon” by Robert Frost.  Twenty minutes and a couple chocolate-chip cookies later…)

When the Sun begins its work shift on the other side of the world,
I think of you.
The moon.
Wondering if it is too soon for me to cast my light upon you.

If the nighttime is the right time to be…in love.
Love should not haunt me behind my back.
It should not be a shadow.
You and I should be partners.

But I do not feel that way.
Our marriage is unequally yoked and you bear too much weight.
I doubt if I can sustain my light from the other side.
You should look to me for strength.
Not the other way around.
Even in total eclipse, my crown should still be visible.
This doubt makes me miserable
My light’s dimmer, too.
Being a world apart will make our love new.
So when you return to me,
I can support you in full.

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